Why You Should Consider Using Silage Wrap

Agriculture is a major pillar of the economy in the world. Without agriculture, no one can survive. This why we have to do anything possible to save agriculture and to ensure that the farmers are making profits from the business. The livestock sector is one area of farming experiencing a lot of challenges that need to be addressed. We know that animal feeds shortage is all over the world and more so to SA. This problem has affected the livestock production and frustrated many farmers to the point of quitting. However, this is no longer the problem with the discovery of silage wrap which is used to preserve animal feeds.

Before the development of silage wrap, there was still animal feeds preservation. The only difference was that the storage methods were not as effective as the use of silage wrap for farming. For example, if you take a case of hay making, it is a useful method for the small-scale livestock farmers. However, when it comes to large-scale farmers, it will not be used since a big storage unit is needed and it is not always available. Also on the same, the use of silage pits is another commonly used preservation method but also not very efficient. It is because in case air or water gets its way into the preserved feeds, the farmer will end up with low-quality feeds, and in extreme case, all the feeds can be destroyed.

The agricultural experts realised the problems with the traditional animal feed preservation methods, and that is why they came up with the silage wrap. The silage wrap is a unique polyethene product used to wrap bales or to cover silage from damage. You might be wondering what makes the silage wrap so unique and what makes it the best? First, the product is very affordable. Compared to other preservation methods which are very costly due to transportation and other expenses, the silage wrap material is very cost-effective concerning the initial cost and also the preparation of the silage for preservation is also cheap when one uses the silage wrap as there is no transportation cost.

Other properties that make silage wrap for farming the best is that it is UV stable. This property ensures that the feeds covered are safe from the scorching sun. Also, it’s waterproof and tearproof. The waterproof features mean that the feeds are safe from rain damage and the tear proof property facilitates easy handling during wrapping. As you can see, using silage wrap has many advantages, and the results (feeds) are quality. All you need is locate a reputable supplier and have the product delivered to your doorstep to preserve as much silage as possible and run a successful livestock business.