How Diabetics Should Care for Their Feet

For those diagnosed with diabetes, podiatrists recommend the patients to take good care of their feet to ensure there are no new infections. Those living with diabetes have high blood sugar levels, which could lead to nerve or blood vessel damage. As the years go by, nerve damage will lead to numerous foot problems.

The most common foot problem as reported by diabetic patients is the loss of feeling which that they may not feel a cut, blister or a sore and this will lead to infection and ulcers. Damage to blood vessels can mean that your feet do not receive enough oxygen and blood, which would make it hard for your feet to heal.

When you visit a podiatrist Adelaide, he/she will stress the need to check your feet daily to ensure that there are no cuts or breaks in the skin. However, what else can people living with diabetes do to ensure that their feet are in good health?

Annual visits

Similar to yearly dental visits, it would also be wise to visit your podiatrist at least once every year. Since the podiatrists are more qualified in this line of work, you can be sure to receive the best advice on how to keep your feet healthy. Also, in case some foot problems are developing, you will get the best preventive solutions to prevent complications.

Comfortable Shoes

This pointer applies to both diabetic and non-diabetic individuals. It would help if you always bought comfortable shoes. Although most people want fancy fashion shoes, health is more important. If you purchase uncomfortable shoes, you run the risk of long-term cuts, pains, blisters, and bruises. You need to consider getting comfortable shoes with proper cushioning. This way, you can keep your feet healthy.

Blood circulation

Since diabetes suffers sometimes cannot get sufficient blood flow to their feet, it is imperative to get correct blood circulation. Aside from medical care, there are other different ways of doing this, such as dumping your feet in the cold and hot water, receiving a pedicure or even going for a reflexology session. However, note that the most critical element to proper blood flow is regular walking.

Foot maintenance

Keeping your feet healthy is as important as maintaining your hair and nails, but sometimes people fail to give their feet enough attention. With that said, be sure to wash your feet every day, keep them soft and smooth by using the right moisturisers, trim the toenails and wear socks and shoes at all times.

As you can see, there is a lot you can do to keep your feet healthy as a diabetes sufferer. However, always remember to visit a podiatrist Adelaide to get the best advice and treatment regarding any foot problem. The experts have both the training and experience and so you can trust them when it comes to foot care. All you need is do proper research and find a reputable podiatry clinic.