A Step-by-Step Guide to Varicose Vein Treatment Darwin

In this article, we’re going to guide you through a typical varicose vein treatment Darwin procedure. In this treatment, called endovenous ablation, heat is used to seal the varicose veins from the inside out. Continue reading the step-by-step guide an get familiar with each phase.


Once you visit the varicose vein treatment clinic, the first thing physicians do is prep you the same way as they would in a sterile operating room. You will be asked by the doctor to keep your hands away from where he is operating. The doctor will also make sure that everything is clean and sterile.


First Steps of Procedure

Once the procedure begins, the doctor will numb a particular area of the skin right below the knee using an injection. Using ultrasound guidance, he will then place a catheter inside one of the visible varicose veins – usually the biggest one. Keep in mind that the only time that you will feel any discomfort is when the physician numbs the skin.


Main Procedure

Once the catheter is placed, the doctor will then proceed to the primary step of the varicose vein treatment Darwin. The catheter will then pass up through the groin area. According to most varicose vein treatment specialists, the most challenging part of the procedure is when they execute the “five little bee stings.” This method refers to the number of skin in five different places in rapid succession. Afterwards, the doctor will then take another needle and create a halo of fluid surrounding the vein.


The fluid will then push the vein against the catheter, all while absorbing the heat to prevent damage to the surrounding tissues. While this is happening, the numbing medication will make sure you won’t feel anything from the beginning until the end. Varicose vein treatments that follow this procedure usually takes around ten to 15 minutes. On the other end, the actual heat sealing will only take about two to three minutes.


Final Steps

Once the process is complete, the physician will then slowly remove the catheter. They will then apply a small stitch in the skin where it was inserted, all while wrapping the area in a compression bandage. Some people tend to walk two hours after the procedure to prevent deep vein thrombosis (DVT). While this is something that everyone worries about, it’s quite a rare complication. Finally, make sure to do follow-up inspections with your physician, especially if you spot any side effects.


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