How Can a Chiropractor Help Babies During Their First Year?

Parents often ask chiropractors if they think they should be prescribing chiropractic treatments for infants. Answering this question is not easy, especially because we are all quite sure that chiropractic treatment has not been shown to help babies develop better respiratory systems or to stop the onset of autism. It is not even clear what chiropractic is and whether it would be useful for a new-born baby. In this article, I will describe what chiropractic is and outline some of the common treatments offered by chiropractors.

Chiropractic is an approach to health care based on the belief that the body can heal itself and that manipulation of the spine can achieve this result. Some babies might be born with trauma to their spinal cord due to the normal birth process and have a very wry, stiff neck (tendonitis). As with you, babies who have muscular problems may also suffer from these same symptoms. 


The chiropractor in baby chiropractor Adelaide will use his hands, usually in conjunction with massage or electric stimulation, to subluxate the spine or get at the nervous system so that it can heal itself. This usually results in a temporary loss of motion, but it results in correction of the spine’s alignment. The chiropractor might then recommend exercise to correct the subluxations once more. A chiropractor for babies crying is not recommended to perform the treatment daily because doing so can cause injury to the delicate muscles of the neck.

The chiropractor will use the techniques and adjustments most convenient for your little one. This could mean a few adjustments each day, or it could mean a couple of treatments a week. Chiropractic care aims to restore balance and promote healthy bodily function. The chiropractic practitioner keeps a keen eye on the progress of your little one and uses his professional judgment to adjust the right pressure and determine just which technique is most helpful in correcting whatever physical development or function has been affected.

If the baby chiropractor Adelaide recommends cold compresses, be sure to use them sparingly. Do not use the cold compresses too often because this could cause more harm than good. Remember that the purpose of these cold compresses is to reduce inflammation, so using them too frequently can increase the amount of pain. So, if you notice that your child is having trouble sleeping, has a hard time waking up, or is cranky and not able to focus, then a visit to the chiropractor for babies could be the solution that you seek.

Chiropractic care for infants and toddlers is an ideal approach to address some of the most common concerns of infants and toddlers during their first year. Chiropractors are skilled at identifying spinal misalignments and finding ways to repair the damage that has been done. With their expert advice and treatment methods, chiropractors can help babies improve their posture, reduce their weight, and improve their overall health and wellness.