Three Advantages of Pool Fencing Brisbane

Being able to enjoy a cool and relaxing dip in the swimming pool during the summer season is a privilege that many Aussie homeowners are enjoying. However, pool ownership comes with responsibility. You need to make sure that your pool water is clean as possible, has the ideal temperature, and that it’s in excellent condition. You should also consider pool fencing Brisbane to protect your family and everyone who uses your pool. Continue to read to learn more about the benefits of having a pool fence:

Enhanced Safety Measures

Of all the varying types of residential fencing, pool fencing is one of the most important ones, especially for homeowners who have pets and children that they want to secure and protect. In addition to proper supervision, pool fencing creates an effective barrier between vulnerable children, animals, and adults and the water, which can potentially be dangerous to non-swimmers. Recent 2019 reports have been made indicating that pool fences can reduce the chances of drowning by as much as 85%. With that high of a number, you’ll achieve greater peace of mind as a pool owner.

Range of Options

While a pool fence is available in a range of different options, the Australian Government recommends installing a pool fence at a minimum of four feet high. Since it comes in various styles and designs, you can achieve that desired height and style that suits your taste and look of your property. You can choose from a selection of wood, mesh, vinyl, wrought iron, aluminium, or glass variants. Pool fencing Brisbane can be customised to virtually any shape, length, and size. You can also choose a custom colour to better match the overall motif of your home or pool area.

Easy to Use

Finally, pool fences are also easy to use. Depending on the type of fence system you choose, it can also be easy to install as well. The mesh fence, in particular, is one of the most popular pool fences due to its versatility and portability. You can either set it up or uninstall it during a big home party.

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