The Main Functions of Criminal Law

Criminal Law is a system of law that involves the punishment of those who Criminal Lawyercommit crimes. Criminal law requires a criminal lawyer who will manage and handle the case of the accused criminal and give him the chance to defend himself from all the accusations thrown at him.


Criminal law serves different purposes and can even benefit the society in the following ways:


Maintain Peace & Order


With a criminal law in place, predictability is in place. It keeps people informed of what to expect from others and how they should handle things in the event of a crime where someone is convicted, and another is the victim. Without criminal law, there would be uncertainty and chaos.


Resolving Disputes


Criminal law allows the resolution of disputes and conflicts between quarrelling citizens here in Australia in other places of the world. It also provides a rather peaceful and orderly way to handle and manage grievances and certain types of crimes that are committed.


Protects Individuals & Properties


Criminal law protects anyone from accused or convicted criminals from inflicting physical harm or danger to the innocent people. Because of the importance and significance of property in Australia, many criminal laws are intended to punish people who steal or break entry into private property. Once this happens, a criminal law attorney is usually in place to help resolve the issue.


Provides Smooth Functioning To the Society


Criminal law here in Australia empowers the Government to collect taxes, control pollution in the environment, and achieve other socially beneficial tasks. With the entire community in order, there will be less crime and a reduction in pollution.


Protects Civil Rights


Finally, criminal law protects individual rights. It exercises the rights of each Aussie and instils peace and order in every area of the country.



The Importance of Exercising Criminal Law

It can’t be stressed enough just how essential criminal law is in the community. It serves as the safeguard for civil rights; the smooth functioning of the society; protection for people and properties; resolving disputes and disagreements, and maintain peace and order. Violation of the rules outlined in the criminal law of a community will result in severe consequences for anyone. If you feel like your right have been compromised or violated, contact your local Criminal Lawyer – and have them discuss your rights.