Is It Time for a New Glass Shower Door?

The bathroom in your house is a place that will never be replaced by anything else. You do a lot of private things inside your bathroom that you never can do in other rooms in the house. It is the ultimate private area. One of the essential components of your bathroom is the glass shower door. Although you do not give it the attention it needs, there will be a time when you finally must think about replacing it. Like the bathroom sink, mirror, tub, and fixtures, the glass shower door deteriorates after several years of use, and you must contemplate on a shower door Glass Replacement – if you notice the following signs:

1 – There already is a chip or crack in the door.

Like any glass, your shower glass door is also prone to cracking and chipping. Unfortunately, if that damage spreads entirely or becomes too severe, the whole door might shatter into pieces. Although sometimes, the small cracks and chips present in your glass doors are repairable by a glass technician, it is best to replace it with newer glass door to prevent unnecessary damage most especially injuries.

2 – You notice discolouration.

Surely, your glass doors look clear that it shines and sparkle in the light back when they were newly installed. But things will change quite a bit after several years. You see, old glass shower doors may suffer from discolouration. It is the result of the moisture coming from the bathroom which allows mildew and moulds to grow and spread throughout your shower. With the combination of these spores and soap scum including mineral deposits, your glass doors suffer discolouration which significantly affects the appearance of your glass. You can try removing these build up with some cleaners, but if it is already too thick or hard to remove even if you already use the toughest cleaners available in the market, you badly need to install a new one.

3 – You see excessive water on the floor.

Everyone knows that the primary function of shower doors is to keep water inside or prevent the likelihood of flooding the rest of the room. However, if you notice excess water on your bathroom floors or worst flooding, then you should install a new shower glass door as soon as possible. This leaking might be the result of the improper closure of the door, like if it is too big or too small – not fitting the enclosure.

While you probably think that Glass Replacement – is not immediately necessary, you must understand that having a poorly conditioned glass shower door is like not having one at all. So, if it is time to replace it, you should do it right away. After all, it is an investment that you will benefit from in the long run.