Tips for Buying Kids Shoes

When you’re buying a new pair of kids shoes, there are a few factors that you should consider. First, you should measure your child’s foot correctly. Make sure the shoes are the right size, and don’t buy backless or slip-on shoes. Also, check the width and durability of the shoes.

Measure a child’s foot

Spendless kids shoes NZOne of the most crucial steps in buying a child’s shoes is correctly measuring their foot. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to do this without a brannock device, but digital sizing guides can help you out. A great option is the Stride Rite guide, which will allow you to measure both length and width.

To find the right size, start by measuring the width of your child’s foot. You can do this easily by using a shoelace. Wrap it around the widest part of the foot and measure the distance from this mark to the end of the shoe. You can also use a size gauge, which you can find online or at some shoe retailers.

Another valuable way to measure a child’s foot is by removing the shoe insoles. Then, you can measure the width of the child’s foot while standing. A general rule is to allow for 1/2 inch of space at the front. By doing this, you can make sure that the shoes fit correctly.

It is essential to remember that your child’s feet change rapidly. Therefore, you will want to ensure that your child’s shoes fit correctly to prevent them from falling out or causing any problems. To make sure your child’s shoes are appropriate for their feet, place a light sock on their foot while measuring.

Check the width

To find the right size of Spendless kids shoes NZ, check the width and length of the shoe. The width of a shoe should have at least one thumb’s width of space from toe to insole. If it’s less, you should get a new pair. However, the exact measurement depends on the shape of the child’s foot. For example, some children have high insteps while others have a wide width across the toe joint.

First, place a width ruler under the child’s foot. Then, wrap the ruler around the broadest part of the foot. You should find the arrows on the ruler that align with the length measurement of the foot. If you find the shoe width is less than this, get a wider one.

Secondly, place a piece of white or coloured A4 paper on the floor. Measure the length from heel to toe. You may also trace the foot’s outline using a pen or shoelace. Once you know the size of your child’s foot, you can purchase the appropriate size of shoes for your child.

Third, check the width of your child’s feet. Remember that kids’ feet grow quickly, so make sure you buy a shoe size that fits her feet correctly. For children, the width of a shoe should be approximately the width of a child’s pinky finger. Otherwise, the shoe is too small.

If you’re unsure about the width of your child’s foot, you can easily measure it. To do this, you can press the tip of the shoe with your thumb. If the child is prone to bowing the ankle, you may need a new pair of shoes.

Avoid backless or slip-on shoes

Check for durability

When you buy kids shoes, you have to be sure to focus on comfort and durability. For example, avoid buying high heels or shoes with pointed toes because these will damage your child’s feet in the long run. Instead, look for shoes with velcro fastening and durable materials. Also, don’t purchase shoes just for their cuteness.

Children’s feet sweat a lot, so make sure the shoes you buy are made of breathable material. Avoid plastic, which can trap sweat and become a breeding ground for bacteria. Also, look for thick rubber soles, which provide better shock absorption and cushioning. Flat soles offer very little support and can cause injuries. In addition, flat soles can wear out before your child grows out of the shoes.