Why Does It Make Sense to Invest Your Money on a House and Land Package?

Existing homes or apartments are what most people who consider investing in property look forward to seeing and having. However, the numerous benefits that house and land packages offer are what most home buyers tend to overlook.


Increased deductible tax benefits, offsets available and significant stamp duty savings are some of the attractive features that house and land packages offer.  Not only that but new homes in well-located places also comes with an added benefit.



An excellent investment is the fixed price house and land packages Adelaide, and here are the top reasons why.


  1. You can save on stamp duty.


Stamp duty is a significant saving for house and land packages. You will save about $8,000 in stamp duty on a typical house and land package of around $450,000. It is because you are only paying stamp duty on the value of the land component and not both the house and land as the home is not built yet.


  1. You can choose the location and design of your house.


You can choose the most suitable block when you purchase a house and land package. You can customise the house design according to your likings to make it highly attractive to tenants. Plus, by going this way, it will also suit both your investment budget and goals. Going this way will also make you think about the ideal tenant you would like to have and to give what they need or want, you can customise a house and land package.


  1. You can attract tenants right away.


You surely want to attract high-quality long-term tenants to your property as a landlord. Keep in mind that the advantage of being incredibly attractive to tenants with modern conveniences is what New homes can provide. Not only that but newly constructed homes can offer a place that tenants will exceptionally love and want to live in many years. Aside from that, you will gain higher returns of your investment as new homes are also capable of charging premium rent.


  1. There’s little maintenance needed.


Lastly, the low maintenance it requires is another excellent benefit of fixed price house and land packages Adelaide. The builder’s guarantee often covers the building itself, fixings and fittings which here in Australia, usually last for half a decade. When you consider that one of the main costs of an investment property is the maintenance and upkeep, this factor is pretty significant.


Moreover, apart from the lower costs, a new home will also retain its value longer. Additionally, higher-quality materials and better construction techniques are what reputable builders of new homes use. So it only means that the house they build is incredibly efficient to maintain.