The Palm Tree Removal & Selling Checklist

While palm trees add beauty to any place, it can cause some significant problems as it matures. It also requires regular maintenance to look its best. If a palm tree is too old or damaged, it’s time to call your local tree removal company and have it removed. However, before you do, here are three things you need to consider doing first:


1.) Snap a Photo


There are several varieties of palms that are highly-regarded as valuable. You can make money by uprooting and selling their roots instead of eradicating them. Some palm tree removal companies are also buying the removed tree from their owners to relocate it. However, before they do, they need to make sure that it is among the ones that are of high value.


Here are some takeaways that you should know:


  • Palm trees are different from each other. They either differ from their height, trunk, leaves, and overall shape. That’s why each part of your palm should be visible and clear in your picture.
  • The Mexican Fan Palm and Queen Palm trees are common varieties; therefore having the least value.
  • One of the most valuable variants are the Chile Wine Palm and Kentia Palm.


2.) Do Some Research To Determine Its Variety


There are many available sources online that can provide you with a guide to palm tree varieties. From there, you can compare your picture to the ones provided by the site and figure out the species of your palm tree. Once you’ve determined the type of palm tree you have, you can then make the best decision on whether you want your tree sold or removed.


Here are some key takeaways:


  • If you’ve done your research and is still unsure about the species of your palm, you can call your local palm tree removals company to help you determine the type you have.
  • You can try palm identifier tools available online.


3.) Ensure That Your Palm Is In a Convenient, Accessible Location


Before you call your local palm tree removals company, you need first to make sure that your palm tree is in the best location for the job. Removal services require an ample amount of area to work. So help them out by clearing the space of any vehicle, outdoor furniture, or any other potential hindrance. Look for nearby power lines that your palm tree may potentially fall on during the removal operation.


If your palm is in an enclosed area – like a small yard – the process may be too costly to remove. Also, the removal services company may change its mind and not buy it. Removing a palm tree near power lines or buildings can be risky; you should instead hire a tree removal company. Trees in small, narrow areas are complicated to remove. Your tree removal service company may charge you extra in that regard.



You Can Now Contact a Reliable Tree Removal Company


Once you’ve finally made up your mind about your palm tree, you can now find a reliable tree contractor that has the ideal services to help you remove it. You can first weigh in your options before deciding to commit to a particular local palm removals company. Before you choose, always do some research first. Look for their online reviews and feedback from other customers. Check their credentials to help narrow down your options. Here are two things you need to keep in mind:


  • If you plan to sell your palm tree, contact your local tree nursery or relocation service to help you dig up your tree without damaging its roots.
  • For a palm that you want to cut down, call a professional tree removal service.