Buying Artificial Grass: Find a Turf Wholesaler

Whether as a tough, durable surface for sports fields, as a surround for a sparkling swimming pool or as a way for homeowners to eliminate lawn watering, mowing, and weeding tasks, artificial grass offers a practical alternative to the real thing. The latest innovations of artificial turf have come a long way from the fake-looking products of yesteryear, making it challenging to tell the difference between them and a living lawn. Offering multiple benefits over real grass, including water conservation in regions affected by drought, it’s no wonder that the great looking artificial grass Brisbane market is booming.

Residential Applications

While synthetic turf continues to increase in popularity for use in sports fields, it’s the residential sector that’s showing the most expansive growth year after year. It’s the natural look of today’s artificial grass products that residents find most appealing. Homeowners with busy schedules like not having to keep up with weekly lawn maintenance tasks and many are keen on saving money on their water bills too. Owners also appreciate that they can leave home for extended periods of time without worrying if their lawn will survive while they’re gone.

Artificial Grass Advancements

Made from polyethene fibres woven into a sturdy rubber or flexible fabric, the latest generation of artificial turf features blades of grass in varying lengths and colours to simulate a growing lawn. Some types of artificial turf are created to resemble traditional lawn grasses. An established synthetic grass wholesale typically offers a wide array of options that range from a dark green lawn that looks as if it’s been growing all summer to short-cut grass that’s ideal for putting greens.

Artificial Turf Installation

When it comes to installing artificial grass that feels natural underfoot, preparation is the key to success. The turf is laid over several distinct layers, or infills, which are designed to drain standing water, stabilise the topsoil and add weight to the material so that it stays in place even in inclement weather. Maintenance is easy. An occasional rinse with a hose keeps the lawn looking fresh as new. Some artificial grass wholesalers offer turf treated with an ultraviolet protective coating to prevent the blades from fading over time.

Natural lawns require regular watering, mowing, weeding and periodic fertilisation to keep them looking their best. Even under the best care and conditions, growing grasses can become infested with pests, diseases or rodents. The great looking artificial grass Brisbane offers homeowners a stress-free way to enjoy the look of a lush green lawn without the work. Studies by industry experts show that synthetic turf installations pay for themselves in just a few years through savings on monthly water bills, providing yet another reason to enjoy the convenience and beauty of artificial grass.