What to Know About Dog Training: No Means No

Surprisingly, many dog owners do not understand that telling a dog NO should mean NO. Some dogs do not listen to their owners when they are ordered to stop and not do something. The soft positive training mode has made us believe that there should be no corrections in dog training.

Nowadays, quite often, when people finish a training class with their dogs they are still not able to manage their dog. The dog just does not obey the owner. By the time, the disobedience will get worse. Dogs that are jumping on visitors, running wild in neighbour’s yard and do not come when called. In worst case even aggressive and attacking all cats, dogs and sometimes even humans they see.

If the dog seems teachable, the owner can call to a dog behaviourist Melbourne and ask help with the problem. On the contrary, they put their beloved dog down to sleep saying “this is best for the dog”. But is it? Wouldn’t it be better just to teach the dog meaning of “No” when it is the right time? A dog owner should understand that without rules and boundaries they will never become obedient.

The reason why there are so many different types of training methods like compulsive training, motivational training, soft training etc. is that dogs are different. Dogs, by the character, can be very different. What works for one dog may not work with another dog. For sure, in the modern world, there is no place for brutality whether its normal life or dog training.

On the other hand, without boundaries and rules could not also perform a democratic country. If there would not be needed corrections then why on earth do we need prisons for human beings? Unfortunately, that also applies to the dogs. If we don’t want to raise criminals from our puppies, we need to start teaching them what the rules of the human society are. That way our dogs would fit into modern society and could live happy and fulfilling lives. It means that we can be happy and enjoy life with our dog.

For that, we need to train our dogs from the puppyhood that there is a word “No” and what it means. Dogs are different, very different. What works for one dog will not necessarily work with another. Firstly, everything starts with the dog and owner relationship. The better the relationship, the easier it will be for the owner to make his dog understand what he means by “No.”

The softer the dog’s character, the lesser problems are with teaching “No” to the dog. To some dogs, it is enough when you just tell them “No” and then move them away from the problematic area. To some dogs, you have to raise your voice so they would listen to you. But if a dog has got a stubborn or strong dominant character just telling “No” is not enough and there should be taken compulsion into action.

But it is unacceptable to use pressure with the soft type of dogs who would pee even with strong voice given orders. The level of the correction should always base on the strength of the dog’s character. Do not let the dog’s size fool you! Some small dogs, especially terriers, have got much stronger character than some large breed dogs.

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