Top 3 Benefits of the Makita Cordless Kits

Makita is a well-known tools manufacturer that has been innovating and revolutionising the way we use power tools. Before, we are limited with wired power tools that will only do so much of the work. We may feel like we’re doing okay until a power outage occurs or limited cord length gets in the way. Makita sees these hindrances as a way of limiting our capabilities to utilise the convenience and useful nature of power tools. Thus, they introduced the Makita cordless kits – Lithium-ion-powered and 100 per cent cord-free, this kit has all the goodies we need to go full cordless and do our jobs or DIY projects without limit. With that said, here are the top three benefits of the Makita cordless tool kit:


More Power, Less Weight


Over the years, Makita has engineered their power tools to become lighter yet more efficient. Like cellphones and laptops nowadays, lithium-ion batteries are now providing more energy, all while incorporating it in a lighter and more convenient form factor. Most of the time, people don’t think of these features until they experience it. For professionals and homeowners alike, using the Makita cordless power tool set with lithium-ion batteries can provide extra juice of power and performance, as well as other benefits. With more power, they can get the job done. With less weight, they’ll experience less fatigue. The overall result will be improved productivity.



No Power Loss


Anyone who has used a wired power tool has experienced a dramatic dip in performance once it’s used for long hours. That doesn’t happen for the Makita Cordless kits – With its lithium-ion battery, you will achieve a consistent level of performance from the beginning to the end of the cycle. With more consistent power, you can use your power tool for hours on end. However, with the efficiency of the Makita power tool, that won’t be necessary as performance is much faster.


Efficient, Long-Lasting Battery Life


Finally, lithium-ion batteries are the best in the industry. It’s powerful, efficient, and extremely long-lasting. You can tell the difference between the Makita power tool that’s powered by Lithium-ion versus a generic cordless power tool that’s powered by a standard battery pack. Comparisons have seen the former performing at 30 per cent more efficiency while only consuming 25 per cent less energy. Now that’s efficiency at its finest.


The Makita Cordless Kits – are now available at your local Adelaide hardware stores. Buy one today and experience the complete difference of this fantastic power tool kit.