What Are the Uses for a Decibel Meter?

A decibel meter is a device that measures the sound pressure level of the noise in the environment. The decibel meter works by computing the pressure of sound waves inside the air against the source of noise from the same area. Noise meters or sound meters are very useful for people who wish to minimize exposing their ears to a high noise level. People need to check the level of noise at the workplace and home as it directly affects the health of people living there.

decibel meterThere are various types of decibel meters in the market. They can be found in gadgets like portable sound meters and wall-mounted ones, and battery-operated ones.

First, we are going to look at a decibel meter with a battery-powered one. It comes with an automatic shut off feature and has a low price point. It has a bafx connector and uses a standard 120V AC outlet for charging. This type has a battery backup which helps in protecting the unit during power loss.

The next one is a handheld sound meter with two-way controls. It has a large LCD and one-side and two-way switches with push-button. The user can easily read the accuracy readings by just looking at the readouts on the LCD screen. The one-side and two-way switches allow the user to switch between low and high levels of background noise. Handheld types with long life and accurate readings give a good result over other brands.

Next is the data hold decibel meter, which has a low price point and accurate readings compared to all other brands. It has one-side and two-way switches with a push-button for selecting levels of background noise. It comes with an easy-to-read LCD, data hold button, battery backup and long life. The one-side and two-way switches give an easy way to read the accuracy level.

Another type of decibel meter is a data hold with dual controls. It has low and high levels with a display of audio frequency. It comes with one-side and two-way options for switching between low and high levels of background noise. It has a battery life and long battery life for the safety of the operator. It gives a good result over other brands but, this type has poor accuracy and display.

Handheld decibel meters are a good option for those who can’t work in a noisy environment. It provides low-level, high-frequency, and other audio frequency meters. It has an accurate measurement of audible noise, and its display is easy to read. Handheld devices are portable and lightweight. Most modern handheld devices have battery life, long-range operation, and various options for hearing loss. It comes in a variety of price ranges.

You can find a great deal of information about decibel meters over the internet. You can read reviews, and you can compare price points, features and other specifications. There are many brands and many features to choose from. So, it’s easy to find the right decibel meter with features you need at a price point you can afford.

A decibel meter with an LCD display is preferred by most consumers. It displays the sound level and other related readings in an easy-to-read format. The LCD screen can be dimmed or brightened as needed. Some models come with a built-in hand-held tripod accessory.