Blocked Drains: Causes and Remedies

Blocked drains are usually not a problem for homeowners and most households have drainage systems. However, suppose you do not have an efficient drainage system and your sink, tub, lavatory, shower or washing machine gets clogged with solid debris or foreign materials. In that case, you could find yourself in a situation where your pipes are obstructed and drainage of the waste liquid or water is blocked. If this situation occurs, you may find yourself in need of a plumber. Drainage problems that occur without professional help can result in serious damage and even flooding to your home.

There are several common causes of blocked drains in residential homes. First, grease, oil and other synthetic materials often build up in the pipes making them stiff and unworkable. Second, a blocked drain is usually the main conduit or pipe for waste liquid or water directed to a drainage field, funnels, or otherwise run to a different receptacle. Common causes of blocked drains include grease buildup, tree roots, insects, mold, and debris buildup. One or more of these causes can cause a blockage; check here.

Blocked Drains: Causes and RemediesThere are several types of blocked drains: hairline, downpipe, vertical, public, spa, stem, pipe blockages, crack, wall, and driveway blockages. Hairline blocked drains are usually caused by hair or scalp brushing and slow draining hair sprays. Downpipe and vertical blocked drains are usually caused by backflow from the kitchen or lavatory sinks or toilets; backflow can occur when kitchen or lavatory drainpipes share a common return pipe. Finally, public blocked drains are caused by a mixture of waste materials such as oil, antifreeze, garbage, and soap.

You should always try to use non-corrosive household cleaners to clean clogged drains. A variety of commercial drain cleaning products including Liquid Plumber, Classic Cleaner, Drain Guard, Master Plumber, Pitter-Pong, and others are available in hardware and home repair stores. Before using any drain cleaning product, make sure you read the cleaning directions carefully. Some products such as Pitter-Pong and Drain Guard can cause damage to plumbing fixtures and joints, so try to use them cautiously.

In addition to cleaning your sink and countertops with household cleaners, it’s also advisable to check other common sources of blocked drains in your household. For example, pools, toilets, tubs, showers, and laundry tubs often have multiple drains that can lead to blocked drains. If you find yourself dealing with numerous drain blockages in your household, try using various home cleaning products to determine what specific causes are causing the problem.

You may want to consider hiring Blocked Drains Adelaide to take care of unclogging your household’s drainage pipes. Professional plumbers and technicians can use various tools and equipment to unblock drains. Then, with the help of a professional plumbing team, you can have your pipes working like new again. Most plumbers can offer a free consultation and can suggest how you can address blocked drains by yourself at home. By hiring a professional plumbing team, you can save money, time and eliminate the embarrassment of calling in a plumber to fix your blocked drains; check here.