Why You Need to Have Your Old Palm Tree Removed

Planting of palm trees is widespread in Gold Coast and many other parts of Australia. The beauty and luxury offered by palm trees is one reason why you will find palm trees in luxury homes and exotic hotels. In fact, if you drive around Gold Coast streets, you will see many beautiful palm trees all over the streets. But it is not all good when it comes to dealing with palm trees. Even though you will spend many years manicuring your palm tree, a time will come when you need to have the palm tree removed. Sad, right? Well, no palm tree can survive forever, and they become weak as they age. A young palm tree will add beauty and value to your property but an old palm tree is a danger to your property, and this is why you need to hire professional palm tree removal Gold Coast.



As mentioned above, an old palm tree is a danger to your property. If you have an old palm tree leaning toward your house or commercial building or in a private or public park, it is a danger waiting as the palm tree can fall anytime. In case a palm tree falls due to aging or other natural causes, i.e. a storm, it can cause damage to property, cause injuries and in extreme cases result to the death of your family member(s), friends or members of the public if the tree is near a busy street. To prevent the dangers that may be as a result of the palm tree falling unexpectedly, you need to have any dangerous palm tree removed as soon as possible.


Palm Tree Removal Gold CoastOnce your neighbours start compiling about a palm tree that is leaning toward their fence or near their property, you need to consider cutting down that palm tree before the unexpected happens. Also, when a palm tree is leaning towards your property or near power utility lines, you need to have the palm tree cut as it can result in immense danger. An old palm tree that is near a busy street is not safe either as can damage cars or injure the pedestrians. All you need is get all the relevant permits before you remove your palm tree to ensure that you do not end in the wrong side of the law. Also, ensure that you hire a professional palm tree removal Gold Coast company as tree removal is not one of those DIY projects that you can handle any time.