Benefits Of Wearing A Weighted Blanket Therapy For Autistic Children

There are a lot of people who think that we have to wear health and safety equipment to practice yoga or to do weighted blanket therapy. In actual fact, these practices are not restricted to wearing safety gear. We use props like medicine balls, mats and wraps to practice different positions. We also sometimes use our hands to do yoga poses or asanas. Weighted blankets may be used in all these practices or at least some of them.


We can derive several benefits from using a weighted blanket while we are sleeping. First of all, it helps you get more restful sleep. During the night time, we often feel stiff and sore. A weighted blanket, which is draped over your body, helps you relax, reduces stiffness and stretches to relieve sore joints and muscles.


It has also been found out that autistic children benefit a lot from this type of sensory stimulation. For example, one study says that autistic children who were exposed to the same enriched sensory stimulation during the day had significant improvement in self-control and increased mastery over social skills. The same study also says that autistic children who were exposed to a greater number of visual patterns had better self-control than those who only received monotonous sensory stimulation. It also says that the performance of autistic children on standardized testing tasks was better when they were exposed to visual patterns. These studies clearly show the benefit of weight-bearing sensory stimulation for autistic children. Click this link to learn more about weighted blanket therapy.


It helps you get a good night’s sleep. This is very important especially for those who have a hard time getting a good night’s sleep. If you are one of them, your general sleep quality gets impacted. It may be caused by your pressure points.


You will not feel restless during the day. During the day, the stress can keep you awake at night. If you are stressed out, the levels of serotonin become depleted. As a result, your sleep quality gets affected. When your serotonin level is low, it can make you drowsy so it is important to have a good sleep. By sleeping with a weighted blanket, you can reduce your stress and calm your nerves. Click this link to learn more about weighted blanket therapy.


Weighted blankets may help you manage stress. They have a dual function of reducing stress as well as offering a source of comfort and support. You may not experience any positive results immediately but since they are used consistently, the results will start to show. In time, you will feel more relaxed and tension will be lessened.