Stockinette Bags & Its Uses – 4 Ways to Use Your Stockinette Bag

You may have heard about stockinette bags when buying and storing different types of meats. But did you know that this handy tool has many uses other than just for packaging meats? That’s right – you can also use it for other purposes as well. Also known as cheesecloth, stockinette bags & its uses go beyond wrapping and storing. It’s a staple kitchen tool that you can use for different other applications. In this article, you’re going to learn four other ways you can use your stockinette bag:

Basting Your Poultry

Stockinette bags & its UsesNothing is more mouth-watering than having a nice slice of moist and tender chicken or turkey breast. It’s quite versatile as it makes for a great lunch or dinner. A great trick to keep your chicken moist is by wrapping it in a stockinette bag that has been drenched in a mix of olive oil, white wine, and melted butter. Click here to learn more.


When it comes to straining sauces, most people rely on regular colanders. However, there are times when some recipes call for a bit finer sieve. That’s when stockinette bags come in handy. As we’ve said, stockinette bags & its uses go way beyond storing and wrapping. Before using your stockinette bag, make sure you rinse it thoroughly to remove any sign of lint. Place it over your normal strainer and filter in your ingredients through. Cheesecloth is essential if you’re making stock or thick soup.


When we say, ‘dusting,’ we meant by adding dusted sugar or cocoa as a finishing touch to your cakes or cookies. They can make your dessert look like a work of art. In making it more effective, place a piece of cheesecloth over a canning jar. Pull it as tight as you can and screw on the ring without the dust and cap. You can try it when making awesome cookie recipes on this link.

Tying and Bundling Herbs

When you’re using different kinds of herbs for seasoning your meat, you can get the flavour by tying them together instead. Put your herbs into a cut piece of stockinette bag and tie the top using a twine. Drop it into your pot and remove before serving. You can do the same with loose tea leaves. In fact, you can use it to make homemade tea.

So as you can see, stockinette bags & its uses go beyond packing and wrapping. Learn more about it when you read other articles on our blog page.