A Comprehensive Guide to Buying XL Kids Shoes

Have you ever felt like every month you need to buy new shoes for your kids with their rapidly growing set of feet? If you do, then you probably realised that there’s no other way around this but to be smart with your buying choices. Knowing something about sizing and fitting, and the different style of XL kids shoes can help you make the most out of your purchases. In this article, we’re going to list down a set of factors that you should consider when buying shoes for your kids.


Age of Your Child

The primary factor to consider is your child’s age. Toddlers, for example, don’t need shoes until they start to walk. In fact, doctors claim that walking with their bare feet makes it easier for your baby to walk. So if you have a 12 to 36 months-old baby, you shouldn’t buy them shoes. Instead, protect their little feet using socks and don’t let them walk in any rough or uneven ground. Once your baby gets older, then will be the time for you to look for shoes that they can wear to protect their feet as they discover the world. Once they hit preschool, you should now consider durable shoes for them to wear and protect their feet as they play with their peers.


Qualities To Look for in Buying XL Kids Shoes

The pair of shoes that you choose for your child must have a flexible, non-skid sole to protect them as they walk around both indoors and outdoors. We also recommend lightweight materials such as soft canvas, cloth, or soft leather so that your child’s feet can breathe, move adequately, and not experience too much stress. Make sure the material isn’t too tight, such as the case for most rubber shoes. At the same time, you would also want to make sure that they provide support and stability to your child’s feet. Make sure you can bend the shoe in your hand without exerting much effort. The treads of your kid’s shoes should have grooves that will prevent your kid from slipping. Make sure the grooves are not too deep as they may cause your child to trip on a carpet or rug. Finally, when choosing the ideal shoe for your little one, make sure that you choose quality over style.



Always be mindful of these factors when choosing for the ideal XL kids shoes. For more information and shoe buying guides, visit our website now.