Benefits You Get From Using Weighted Blanket

If you are experiencing anxiety and stress, one of the first things you probably think as a solution is taking meds or visiting a doctor. However, one thing you should know is that there are other ways for you to combat both anxiety and stress. We are talking about the natural ways to treat negative vibes, and yes, they do not involve taking drugs. For instance, a quite popular trend these days is the use of a weighted blanket.

As the term suggests, the weighted blanket is more substantial compared to the likes of quilts and traditional comforters. The usual weight is between four and 30 pounds and often filled with natural materials or plastic beads, providing a familiar texture to beanie baby toys. The extra weight that a weighted blanket possesses adds gentle pressure which mimics the feeling of being held when you wrap it all over your body. Through this, the mood of the people enhances making them more lively than usual. Also, Weighted blanket helps to treat combat anxiety, soothe sensory disorders like autism, insomnia and many more.

  1. Eliminates Anxiety

Everyone experiences stress, especially in work. Regardless of age, a weighted blanket is the best and safest way to achieve a relaxed state since it helps to reduce the stress level in your body. Based on the survey conducted to prove the effectiveness of a weighted blanket, two-thirds of the participants claimed that their anxiety decreases when they wrap themselves with the cover. Research shows that it is beneficial to relieving high-stress events like visiting a dentist. Studies indicate that calming blankets produce a physiological change in the patient’s nervous system causing them to calm down and less afraid before their said appointments.

  1. Relieves You of Insomnia

Due to constant insomnia, you are experiencing every night; you might be in doubt of the capabilities of a weighted blanket to improve your sleeping pattern. With the study conducted on insomnia patients, they found out that sleeping with a weighted blanket feels less restless at night which made it easier for them to fall asleep. With the use of a weighted blanket, falling asleep becomes more comfortable because of its soothing effect by mimicking the feeling of being swaddled tightly in bed. It provides a sense of warmth and safety, which makes the body to relax and succumb to sleep.

  1. Fights off Pre-Sleep Stress

A stress hormone called cortisol production that triggers the so-called flight or fight response in your body can be reduced by wrapping yourself with an anxiety blanket. It is imperative that you eliminate this kind of stress because it affects your immune system, raises the blood sugar levels and reduces the effectiveness of your digestive system.