Asbestos Removal Adelaide: Abatement and Disposal

Let’s be clear about this: asbestos removal Adelaide can be very dangerous. Once widely regarded as the safe, cheap option for insulation, the highly toxic substance has become a real killer. Treat the issue very seriously and utilise a qualified asbestos removal contractor to deal with all the projects involved in removing the asbestos from your home. If you are unsure whether or not you need the help of a professional, please contact one and ask for an asbestos removal quote immediately.


Before contacting a company for advice on asbestos removal in Adelaide, it would be advisable to arrange some basic information first. How many rooms in your home contain asbestos? What has areas of your home been contaminated by asbestos? If you suspect that you have been negatively affected by asbestos, it would be in your best interest to contact a reputable asbestos removal company in Adelaide to conduct an asbestos testing and removal inspection.


During an asbestos removal Adelaide inspection, the inspector will assess the extent of the contamination in fibres and if there is any danger of airborne contamination. The inspector will also request samples from all rooms in the house so that the exact amount of asbestos and fibres in the air can be determined. The amount of asbestos contamination would depend on the height of the ceiling above the affected area and the thickness of the insulation in place at the time of the contamination. It may also depend on the number of people living in the home, the age of the insulation and the longevity of the strips and tiles in place at the time of contamination.


When testing is conducted, a sample is taken and sent to a lab for analysis. Subsequently, the results are released to the public for use in making an asbestos removal Adelaide recommendation. At this point, recommendations about safe asbestos removal procedures for particular rooms in the house are made. For example, you may recommend that doors with unbroken windows be replaced with toughened glass or that cabinets with old paint be removed and replaced with modern glazed units. If non-friable asbestos fibres are detected, asbestos abatement is required. Abatement companies can advise you on the correct procedure to undertake.


When asbestos abatement is recommended, asbestos removal Adelaide experts use ultrasound technology to completely seal the room and prevent any re-contamination of the premises. Once the asbestos is sealed, it must be removed and the space covered with thick plastic. This will prevent people from entering the room without the proper protective equipment, including ear muffs and masks. It will also prevent any microscopic asbestos fibres from being airborne. After asbestos removal, the plastic is then securely removed, and the asbestos sheet and debris are removed.