Silage-making Tools for Hay Farmers

Hay farming comes with several critical processes that allow farmers in the sector to gain as much as they can through their hay farms. You can explore various ways through which your business can expand, and one of these is silage-making.

In the silage segment, it is vital to have the appropriate set of tools so you can develop the highest quality of preserved fodder that you can feed your livestock or sell to buyers in the community.


Here are the most important tools that you need to create high-quality, nutritious fodder that will last throughout the dry season.


Sickle Bar


Sickle bars are necessary during the harvest. While there are tractors that could help hasten the process, veteran farmers testify that using a sickle bar makes for a higher quality of silage since segregating the bales meant for dry hay and those for silage is easier.


Bale Wrap


There are different types of bale wrap that you can choose from, including twine, film, net, and plastic bale wrap. Experts highly recommend the latter as this option promises better preservation to ensure that the finished product is safe and healthy for your livestock to feed on.


Choose a plastic bale wrap provider that is recognized in the sector for high quality and durable products. You’re looking for a wrap that could withstand harsh weather in case you’re planning to store silage outdoors. You should also get a product made from thick material so no holes will allow for air penetration. There are contaminants in the air that could spoil the fodder if you don’t wrap the silage tightly.


Storage Area


You can opt for indoor or outdoor storage depending on the material you’ve chosen to wrap your bales with. However, experts recommend an indoor room for final products that are of higher quality and are excellent for selling.


Tractor or Truck


You will need a truck or tractor that will be used to transfer your bales from one place to another. Get one from a piece of reliable machinery and farm vehicle provider that promises efficient transfers. What you’re looking for is a truck that will keep your bales intact, so the bundles have a uniform appearance even if they are stored for several months.


Your truck will also be a reliable partner whenever you need to deliver silage or hay orders to other farmers.



Silaging is a task that you can turn into a full-blown business. Always produce quality products so you can build trust with customers in the industry. You should also attend seminars for silage and hay farming so you will gain more knowledge about the field and you will meet people who share the same goals.