Landscaping Ideas for Small Gardens

All gardens, whether big or small, deserve professional touches that will allow the owners to enjoy whatever space they have. If you have a small garden area that you want to transform, Garden Design & Landscaping Adelaide experts can help you.

Small gardens can sometimes be hard to renovate on a homeowner’s perspective. On the other hand, experts have developed many ideas for smaller gardens over the past years. You can now make the best out of your afternoon outdoor moments even if your garden is not as grand as the ones celebrities have.


Here are some of the most trusted design ideas that Garden Design & Landscaping Adelaide experts recommend for small garden spaces.


Picnic Style

If your relatives and friends often drop by during the weekends, it is best to opt for picnic-style tables and benches. A single set will not take up a lot of space compared to multiple chairs and tables. You may not have room to walk around in if you opt for the latter.


Fencing Wall

Instead of putting your tables and chairs or sofas in the middle of the garden, push them to the side of the fence. You can use your fencing as a wall. In the fencing Wall, hang some pieces of art or fairy lights and voila! You now have a patio-like space on the side of your small garden. Not only do you have a relaxation spot, but you also have more space for other ideas such as flowerbeds or pavements.


Miniature Plants

Instead of having massive trees grow in your garden, choose smaller plants and flowers. Your landscaping artist will then work around your selected plant species to come up with a model that will not make your small garden look so crowded.


Small Pond

Not all gardens have sofas or fountains. Some of them have ponds! A small pond with some of the most beautiful fishes can be the only highlight of your small garden, but it can also take the spotlight. Children and adults alike are drawn to the idea of a single eye-catcher compared to multiple pieces of features that don’t make a statement.



As with a pond, a beautiful and well-maintained fountain can be the only display you have in your small garden. Even if it stands alone, the fact that it can grab attention in an instant is an important characteristic. You can ask your landscaping designer to come up with a model that is like no other and will give off an atmosphere of relaxation.


Consult with a reliable garden and landscaping expert today and watch your small garden transform into a work of art!