Why Are High Heels So Expensive?

Women were seen running in Venetian chopines or 30-inch high platforms in the seventeenth century. By the seventeenth century, male aristocrats and princes also used these extravagant high heels shoes. Then, the French Revolution gave rise to the modern high heel, and Enlightenment ideals made heels sexier and associated with femininity. So, why did high heels become so popular? Here are a few of the reasons. Buy quality high heels at WildfireShoes AU. 

Leather heels breathe well.

high heelsComfort is a major consideration when buying leather heels. The higher the quality, the less likely your feet will sweat and blister. You also want a material that breathes well. Avoid lower-quality plastic, which does not allow your feet to breathe properly and may cut your feet. If your feet sweat a lot, you might want to purchase a pair of chunkier heels. Listed below are some tips for choosing the perfect pair of leather heels.

Leather heels conform to the wearer’s foot.

A high leather heel is one of the most comfortable types of heels available. The material conforms to the wearer’s foot and provides excellent support, eliminating hot spots. Unlike other coverings, leather is breathable, making it a comfortable choice in warm and cool weather. Using synthetic materials is also easier to maintain the shoe’s shape. To understand how leather works, learn more about the different types of leather high heels.

Leather heels provide support.

High-heeled shoes are a challenge to wear for long periods. Leather heels provide great support for the foot and leg, but if you wear them too often, they can become uncomfortable and even painful. To make your heels more comfortable, consider buying non-slip insoles to place under them. These are available at shoe stores and online and are an excellent way to protect your high-heeled shoes from premature wear.

The counter behind the heel is made of stiff material that gives shape and support to the heel. A well-constructed counter is moulded to fit your heel securely, providing excellent support and preventing blisters from forming at the heel of your foot. Unfortunately, a poorly supported heel is more likely to slip out when you walk, causing discomfort and pain. Luckily, many options for high-heeled shoes are made of leather.

Leather heels create a helpless woman.

If you have ever wondered why a woman wears leather heels, the answer is obvious: she makes herself vulnerable and helpless. She feels weak and passive in her high heels. It may also make a woman feel domineering. Some men may even like that. This type of fetish is known as altocalciphilia. Women who love high heels subconsciously seek out lame prey. Buy quality high heels at WildfireShoes AU. 

They are a form of sexual signalling by females

According to recent research, wearing high heels by females seems to be a powerful sexual signal. Women who wear high heels are perceived to be more attractive to men because they visually elongate their legs, increasing their physical attractiveness. Interestingly, shorter women also use high heels to visually elongate their legs and increase their physical attractiveness. The evolution of human sexuality suggests that high heels play an important role in female mating interactions.

The evolution of human behaviour has largely been the focus of studies on consumer behaviour and the role of fashion in human relationships. For example, apparel and makeup are critical in altering human judgments about mate selection, and so do high heels. As a result, the evolution of high heels and other fashions may be linked to female sexual signalling. High heels may be costly signals, but they may promote a woman’s attractiveness among observers.

They alter women’s lumbar curvature.

Male humans prefer women with a specific lumbar curve. While these women’s lumbar curves may be a cue for their reproductive abilities, no study has examined the association between lumbar curvature and attractiveness. Hence, Study 1 was to investigate whether wearing high heels alters lumbar curvature in women. The study’s results revealed that women with a more optimal lumbar curve were more attractive to males.

The study found that high-heeled footwear increased women’s attractiveness, but this did not alter their lumbar curve to an evolutionarily optimal angle. It is important to note that cultural evolution and human evolved psychology are interrelated and may affect one another. For example, a woman’s attractiveness may increase due to wearing high heels, but this effect does not appear to depend on the presence of heels. Buy quality high heels at WildfireShoes AU.