Why You Should Get a Single Speed Bike Adelaide

When it comes to bikes, there are two “factions.” In one corner, there are those who believe in the technological marvel that is the geared bikes. In the other corner, there are those who prefer the simplicity of single speed bikes Adelaide. Each type of bike has its pros and cons. It’s up to the rider which feels better for him or her. While there are countless reasons to get geared bikes, this article will list reasons why you should get a single speed.

1. Cheaper

Due to the absence of geared mechanisms, singles are cheaper than geared bikes. If you are low on budget, consider getting a single speeder. Of course, it’s best that you try it out first. If you like the feel of it, then make the purchase. If not, then you should hold that cash until you have enough to buy a geared bike instead.

2. Nostalgia

Remember when you were a kid just learning how to ride a bike with wheel balancers and all? That was a single speeder. If you’d like to feel like a child again, then single speeders are your bikes.

3. Simple Usage

Some would like riding single speeds as driving an automatic car. With automatics, you step harder to go faster. This is the same with single speeds. If you want to go faster, you pedal faster.

4. Lighter

Compared to geared bikes, single speeders are lighter. This doesn’t necessarily mean it can get better speeds than geared bikes, as the acceleration still depends on you. Transporting it would be a breeze, however.

fixie5. More Fun to use

Single speeders with freewheel are extremely fun to use. You can pedal as fast as you can and coast; absorbing the scenery with the cool wind on your face. In certain terrain, single speeders also make for good workouts.

6. Durable

Single speeders don’t have a lot of mechanisms to them, so they are fairly easy to maintain. As long as they don’t fall too often from great heights, they are also pretty durable.

Simply put, single speeds bikes Adelaide are best if you want to have some fun with your biking. It’s not as practical as geared bikes, but it does make for great recreation and exercise. For the best experience, go for single speeds with a freewheel. Those with no freewheel are called fixed-gear bikes, and while just as fun to use as freewheeled single speeds, are not as adaptive to different terrain.

When looking to buy a fixie, always read reviews of different companies to know which companies manufacture the best fixies. You can as well ask for recommendations from friends and family who already own a fixie.  Feel free to visit our site for more information on single speed bikes Adelaide.