How to Create a Perfect Deck in Your House

Your garden is an important part of your home.  It is where you relax and escape from your daily worries. You need to look for ways to improve your garden’s overall appearance and function. One way to improve your garden is to add a decking.

Many decking Adelaide projects only add a bit of timber where there was previously grass or concrete to add a “wow” factor to your garden, think about some of these ideas I will provide you when thinking about decking project:

Decking is often used as a link between your house and your garden. A good design encourages your eye to go from the house to the deck and from the deck to the backyard. If you want to achieve this, make sure you do not put railings, etc. into positions that make them become visual barriers. If there is a height difference between your house and your garden, then wide steps can be a great way of reducing the impact and encouraging you outside.

If you are planning to use the decking for eating and drinking, then think about some of the practical things that might help you here. Things like adding a sink outside near the decking would be very useful. Of course, for a real “wow” factor, why not have a full outdoor kitchen and bar set up so that you don’t spend all your time as host walking to and from the kitchen?

Lighting can make a fabulous difference to decks. Giving a few light effects can be beneficial not only for safety but also for its beauty. Installing lights especially warm colours can be very inviting and picture-worthy.

Also, don’t forget storage. You’ll probably have new furniture on your new deck. Think about where you are going to keep the new cushions and ornaments when the deck is not in use. A well-designed deck can often incorporate just the storage you need.

Think about plants too. Flowers can add colour, and larger plants can add privacy and protection from breezes. When plants are integrated into the deck at the design stage, the result is often fabulous. You could also incorporate raised flower beds above a storage section, possibly with herbs for your outdoor kitchen planted there.

When built and designed excellently, a decking Adelaide can be fabulous and no doubt you will use it all year round.  To spice things up, you can also consider incorporating a summerhouse, a sheltered section or perhaps a gazebo into the design.