Hire a Home Inspector with Experience

Hiring a home inspector can be difficult. With so many building inspectors choose from, consumers can easily make the wrong decision and hire an inspector who is not experienced enough to look beyond the glaring problems and search for the hidden issues within a structure. It’s best to employ a company with experience and an understanding of the intricacies involved with home construction.

The importance of experience in building

It’s not enough to simply inspect a residential property and highlight the obvious code violations. Inspectors need to have a background in construction to accurately identify potential foundation issues, mechanical hazards, and other serious structural deficiencies. These problems could lead to some costs that could dramatically increase the overall price of the home.

Attic inspections

Some common areas that inexperienced inspectors often neglect to investigate thoroughly include the attic, roof, and room additions. An expert with the right background would know not only to check the attic and crawl space for proper ventilation and insulation, but he would also highlight any vulnerability in the joists and sub-flooring, in addition to checking the integrity of any vents routed to the area.

Roof inspections

When inspecting the roof of a residential structure, the condition of the shingles and downspouts should be carefully taken into consideration, as well as a few other items. If the flashing is not properly installed or show signs of damage, water could easily find its way into the structure and cause further deterioration and increase costs.

Other important items to check on a roof inspection are skylights, gutters, and chimneys. An inspector with construction knowledge and experience in installing and maintaining these structures can perform a meticulous investigation that could uncover installation or manufacturer deficiencies.

Inspection of built-ins

Built-in items include oven, ranges, dishwashers and other appliances. Knowledge of local building codes and laws will help to properly inspect the installation of these machines, including the components used to complete the job. All wiring and plumbing connected to the built-ins should always be checked, in addition to their overall working condition.

When buying a home, your primary concern should be the outcome of the home inspection. This report will help you determine whether the structure is worth the asking price, or if you’ll need to look elsewhere for your dream home. It’s important to ensure that the inspection company you select has experience in the building and construction industry, and knows how to conduct a thorough property investigation that covers every inch of the home.

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